Using the Duplicate Conversion Filter

Someone on your website may reload or revisit a webpage containing your Improvely Conversion Code multiple times, sending multiple conversions to Improvely from the same event. For example, someone may bookmark and revisit the “thank you for your order” page at the end of a checkout process, notifying Improvely of the same purchase twice.

If you include an order number, or other unique reference value in your Improvely Conversion Code, Improvely can use this value to identify these duplicate conversions and exclude them from your reports.

The Duplicate Filter setting can be found in the Conversion Settings tab of your project’s settings page.

Check off the box labeled Delete conversions with duplicate reference values to instruct Improvely to exclude duplicate conversions from your reports.

If your conversions do not include a reference value, enabling or disabling this setting will have no effect.

Warning: If your conversions include a reference value, but it is not different for each event you track, enabling this setting may result in loss of data. No more than one conversion with any given reference value will appear in your reports, even if different people generate the conversions.

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