PUT /project.json

Description: Updates the settings for a project. Any parameters you do not provide values for will retain their current value.

API Endpoint URL: https://api.improvely.com/v1/project.json

Attribute Required Default Description
key Your API key
id The ID number of the project. The ID number may be retrieved from a previous API call or from the top of the Project Settings page within your account.
name The name of the project.
currency The currency symbol to display in reports. Valid values: “$” (dollar), “€” (Euro), “£” (Pound Sterling), “¥” (Japanese Yen), “₹” (Indian Rupee).
google_url_compatibility Boolean (“true” or “false”) indicating whether to enable the Google Analytics URL Compatibility option, which instructs Improvely to treat links tagged with UTM parameters as ad clicks and to add UTM parameters to new tracking links.
track_organic Boolean (“true” or “false”) indicating whether to enable tracking of organic and search traffic. If set to false, only ad clicks will be recorded for this project.
max_clicks The maximum number of ad clicks allowed from a single person in a 24 hour period before the visitor is warned and an alert is generated. Set to 0 to disable click fraud monitoring for this project.
fraud_message The warning message to display to someone who has clicked ads more than `max_clicks` times.
goal_mode Set to “all” to count all conversions. Set to “one” to count only one conversion per person for each goal type.
attribution_model Sets the conversion attribution model.

“first” for first-click attribution.
“firstad” for first ad click attribution.
“last” for last-click attribution.
“lastad” for last ad click attribution.

duplicate_filter Boolean (“true” or “false”) to enable or disable the duplicate conversion filter. This filter removes conversions sent to Improvely with the same reference value as any previous conversion.

Example request:

curl https://api.improvely.com/v1/project.json \
  -X PUT \
  -d 'key=90c0d64fds653338as6869e54267e05&id=3&duplicate_filter=true'

Example successful response (HTTP status code 200):

    "status": "success"

Example failure response (HTTP status code: 400):

    "status": "error",
    "type": "parameters",
    "message": "Missing or invalid required parameter: `id`."

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