Advanced Conversion Tracking and Conversion Attribution

Track clicks, conversions and revenue from all your online marketing in one place


The Best Traffic Reports

Improvely shows you where your conversions and revenue are coming from so that you can spend more time on marketing that works, and stop wasting money on poorly converting traffic.

Segments and metrics you'll see out-of-the-box:

  • Channel
  • Referrer
  • Landing Page
  • Source
  • Campaign
  • Medium
  • Ad Content
  • Keyword
  • Search Phrase
  • Device Type
  • Country
  • City
  • Day of Week
  • People
  • Unique Visits
  • Conversions
  • Conversion Rate
  • Cost
  • CPA
  • CPC
  • Revenue
  • Average Goal Value
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Profit
  • RPP
  • ROI

Custom-Built Funnel Reports

See the paths users take to conversion and identify the points where lost sales dropped off. Funnel reports show how users flow through multiple steps on your website. They're your power-house tool for identifying your best segments, and your biggest opportunities to improve.

  • No need to define funnels before collecting data
  • Track any number of custom conversion goals
  • Segment traffic to see who converts
  • Save multiple funnel reports, view any time

Customer Profiles

Improvely automatically creates a profile of each person on your site with all their past visits and conversions. You'll learn their time to conversion, lifetime value, location and more. Plus, you'll see first-hand how different channels contribute to each conversion on your site.

  • Identify your best customers to find more of them
  • Track repeat visits over weeks or even months
  • Enables advanced conversion attribution models
  • First-click, last-click, or something in-between

And Much More

  • A/B Split Testing tools built-in
  • Click fraud monitoring of all your ad traffic
  • Dashboards show your key metrics at-a-glance
  • All reports update in real-time as new events occur
  • Export reports or raw data to Excel CSV
  • Import reports from Google, Bing & more
  • Instant e-mail alerts of new conversions
  • Automatic duplicate detection and IP exclusions
  • View IP addresses, device info, referrers and more
  • Developer API for custom tracking

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