8 Ways Improvely Will Turbocharge Your Marketing Results

Boost Conversions, Increase Revenue and Protect Your Ad Budget


Fight Click Fraud

Our real-time tracking can identify and protect against suspicious click activity on your ads — even activity that spans across multiple campaigns — so that you can stop paying for fraudulent clicks.


Lower Customer Acquisition Costs

Quickly identify the best and worst performing traffic sources and segments for your site. Improvely will show you where to focus your marketing to maximize conversions, while cutting the ads, keywords and landing pages that waste your money.


Test New Landing Pages Instantly

Built-in split testing lets you add or remove landing pages from many ad placements without waiting for 3rd parties to approve changes. We'll start sending ad clicks to your new variations instantly and show you which performs best right away.


Learn About The People Using Your Site

Improvely builds a profile of every person that visits your site revealing the activity that contributed to each conversion — every ad click, web search and link referral. Learn about your best customers so that you can get more of them.


Always Be Up-To-Date

Quickly react to new inbound links, search queries and changes in marketing campaigns. Every report and metric in Improvely updates in real-time as people arrive and interact with your site.


Everything In One Place

No more logging in to a dozen different sites to keep track of your marketing efforts, organic traffic, SEO and social media. Improvely brings analysis of all your traffic sources together in one convenient place.


Nothing To Install

Improvely is a hosted service, so there's no software to install and you never have to pay more to access the latest version. You can use Improvely from almost any computer, tablet or smartphone with a web browser.


Always Getting Better

Improvely's constantly being updated — giving you new data, new reports, and new tools to improve your marketing results — without you having to purchase a new version or download any updates.

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