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A Crazy Deal on CrazyEgg On-Page Analytics

Improvely shows you how people got to your site and whether they converted, but what it doesn’t show you is how those people interacted with your individual webpages in-between. That’s where CrazyEgg comes in — their heat maps, scroll maps, confetti and overlay tools help you visualize the way people interact with your pages.

They show you where people click, how far down your page they read, and much more that will give you insight into what needs improvement to boost your conversion rates even further.

Improvely and CrazyEgg make a great pair — everything you need to optimize your conversion rates on-site and off. That’s why we’ve partnered with them to bring you a great deal — 3 months of CrazyEgg for free. Click here to get this deal!

Mobile Device Tracking

You asked for separate mobile device stats, and now you’ve got it. After a testing period with some of our early adopter accounts, device segmentation has now been rolled out to everyone. There is a new Device tab available in all your traffic performance reports, allowing you to drill into any ad campaign or other traffic source and see the different conversion rates and revenue generated by mobile versus desktop visitors.

Mobile Device Segmentation

We’ve applied this analysis retroactively to all your past data, so you have mobile versus desktop device stats for all traffic over all date ranges available today.

Creating Weighted Split Tests

Turn any of your ad links into a weighted split test in a few quick clicks: When you create or edit any tracking link, click the “Run a Split Test” button and you’ll be able to provide multiple landing page URLs with custom weights. Traffic to your ad will be split among these landing pages proportional to the weights you set.


The ability to set custom weights when creating a split test has been rolled out to all accounts today. Look for the Split Test Results icon in your Tracking Link Performance report to easily see which of your landing pages is converting best.

Adding Conversions to Visitor Profiles

The ability to manually add goal conversions to visitor profiles in your Improvely account is now available to all accounts. You can use the Add a Conversion button at the top of any visitor’s activity history to type-in a conversion of any type, along with revenue and optional reference information like an order number.


Record offline events like phone orders when you’re able to link that activity to a visitor on your site by IP address, username, e-mail or other label you’ve assigned, or add a website conversion that wasn’t recorded due to a shopping cart glitch.

New A/B Test Report & Per-Project Currency

A common question we hear when talking to new Improvely users is when to end an A/B split test of ad landing pages. While we’ve always shown you the relative conversion rates of your different landing pages, you really have to do some math to decide if you’ve run the test long enough to be confident in those numbers. This week, we added a new report to do that math for you —

The new A/B Split Test Results report quickly shows you the confidence interval for each variation’s conversion rate, the percent improvement over your baseline page, and the p-value of that improvement. If you see a significant improvement, and the p-value is below 0.05, it might be the right time to declare a winner in your test and start sending all your clicks to that landing page.

To find the new report, look for the new icon in your Tracking Links report next to any link with multiple landing pages —

This week, we also added a new currency setting, allowing you to choose what currency is displayed in reports for each of your projects. You’ll find it on the Project Settings page.