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Project Overview & Shopify Integration

We’ve updated the Project Overview report with a new set of tabs at the top. You’ll now be able to see how many visits and conversions are arriving from your different channels at a glance, plus click the tab for a more detailed overview and historical graph.

Overview Report

Shopify-bag-100x100 The Improvely App for Shopify stores has been updated to include our Visitor Labeling feature automatically. Improvely’s profile of your visitors will be labeled with customer e-mails any time a visitor makes a purchase, whether you require accounts or have guest checkout enabled. Now you’ll be able to see who your top customers are, their lifetime value, and when they’re returning to your site right from inside Improvely.


New Integration: is a great tool for managing all the analytics tags on your website.

Add the code just once, tell them which analytics services you use, and their code handles sending all the events you track (page views, sales, etc) to only the services that can handle them. No more updating your site each time you want to add or remove another analytics service!

Improvely is now an analytics provider for users. You can sign up for free here.

New Billing Plans Available

We’re regularly asked about billing plans for higher-traffic websites than our Large Agency plan would accommodate, and are happy to announce the Large Agency 500 and 1M plans for tracking up to 1 million visits per month. These new plans have access to all the same features as the old Large Agency plan, including sub-accounts and white-label reports, but support higher levels of traffic.

Improvely’s New Affiliate Program

If you love Improvely and want to promote it, we invite you to join the new Improvely Affiliate Program. You’ll earn a 50% up-front commission for each new paying customer you send us, plus 10% of their monthly payments for the first year. The program is professionally managed by ShareASale, which makes monthly commission payouts, with copy-and-paste text links and banner ads in all the standard sizes.

New Settings & More: February 2013 Update

This month’s platform update brings new settings, new reports, performance improvements and more. Read on to see the changes now available in your account —

Updated Asynchronous Tracking Code

Any 3rd party scripts on your website can potentially slow down your load speed for new visitors. Last month we began testing a new, faster version of our tracking code snippet that will never slow down your site.

How? It uses something called asynchronous loading, which means your website and other scripts will continue to load in parallel while loading the Improvely script. It also means your site will never slow down in the unlikely event our servers are slow or not responding.

To take advantage of the potential speedup, you can get the latest version of the code from the Project Settings page in your account. Updating is optional — the previous version of the Improvely Code will continue to work as well.

New Control Your Attribution Model

Most analytics platforms only keep track of the last ad or link clicked before a visitor converts on your website — something called last click attribution. Improvely, on the other hand, keeps track of every interaction your visitors have with your site before reaching any of your conversion goals, and shows you these actions in People Profiles and Goal Notification mails.

You can now control which of those visits Improvely attributes conversions to in your various performance reports. You can choose between last-click, first-click, and several other options including favoring ad clicks over organic clicks. You can change your conversion attribution preference on a per-project basis from the Project Settings page of your account. Look under the Advanced Settings heading.

Custom Conversion Attribution Model

New Export Your Tracking Links

You can now export your tracking links to an Excel CSV file for easy reference, batch updating your ads on other sites, or import into other software. Look for the export button on your Manage Tracking Links page in the Tools menu.

New Landing Page Override

Sometimes it’s convenient to reuse a single campaign tracking link for multiple ads or landing pages without entering them separately into Improvely. You can now override the default landing page a tracking link directs clicks to through a URL parameter, lp.

For example, if your link is, you can override its landing page URL setting to send all clicks to Yahoo!’s homepage by linking like so: