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Adding To Your Click Fraud Detection Arsenal

Our click fraud detection toolbox just got a bit bigger with a brand new report — Top IPs. In addition to the monitoring we already offer, with proactive notifications when your ads are clicked multiple times in a day, you can now look for patterns across longer periods of time. If someone is trying to drain your budget by clicking your ads every day, but never often enough to pass your fraud alert threshold, you’ll now be able to spot them in the Top IPs report in your account.


Check it out now under the Reports menu in any of your projects. You’ll find all the IP addresses clicking any of your ads, or only those within specific campaigns you’re interested in, more times than your notification threshold. You can check out exactly what they’ve clicked and when, and how many devices or browsers that IP address has used to connect to your site. You’ll also see whether anyone with that IP has ever signed up or purchased something from you, and check out WHOIS information about the organization or ISP that IP belongs to.