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Bing Ads & Click ID Updates

Beginning in early 2021, Bing will finish its rollout of Parallel Tracking, which speeds up ad clicks by pinging your click tracker in the background while your landing page loads. Improvely has supported Parallel Tracking since 2017 and will continue to work with your Bing Search Ads without change.

For the most accurate click counts, we recommend turning on Auto-Tagging in your Bing Ads account settings. This will append campaign information and click IDs to your landing pages automatically, which Improvely will pick up and display in your reports.

We’re currently tracking and reporting Bing click IDs (“MSCLKID”) in the GCLID column of our Excel spreadsheet exports. Starting later in 2021, this column will be renamed from “GCLID” to “External Click ID” as we track click IDs from more ad platforms.