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Automatic SSL for White Label Domains

Improvely’s Large Agency plans allow you to white-label our service, giving your clients a login on your own domain with your logo on all pages.

We now provide free and automatic SSL certificates for your white label domains. Once you point your domain’s DNS to, it will be provisioned an SSL certificate to provide secure (https://) access within minutes.

To set up your white label domain, click Account Settings then White Label in the top menu when logged in to Improvely.

Bing Ads & Click ID Updates

Beginning in early 2021, Bing will finish its rollout of Parallel Tracking, which speeds up ad clicks by pinging your click tracker in the background while your landing page loads. Improvely has supported Parallel Tracking since 2017 and will continue to work with your Bing Search Ads without change.

For the most accurate click counts, we recommend turning on Auto-Tagging in your Bing Ads account settings. This will append campaign information and click IDs to your landing pages automatically, which Improvely will pick up and display in your reports.

We’re currently tracking and reporting Bing click IDs (“MSCLKID”) in the GCLID column of our Excel spreadsheet exports. Starting later in 2021, this column will be renamed from “GCLID” to “External Click ID” as we track click IDs from more ad platforms.

New Features: Custom Columns & New Metrics

In your Improvely account today, you’ll find a new button at the top right of your Traffic Sources and Tracking Links reports. Clicking this will allow you to customize the columns in your report, including unlocking several new metrics.

Revenue Per Person shows you how much revenue you earn per person that visits your site from this traffic source. It’s a great way to set your bids for pay-per-click ads: as long as your CPC is lower than your RPP, your campaign is generating a profit.

Revenue Per Converted Person shows you how much revenue you earn from visitors that have converted for your selected conversion goal(s). Along with the date range selection available in any report, this lets you easily calculate average lifetime revenue per customer from each of your traffic sources. RPCP is a great way to set your bids for Target CPA campaigns: if your cost per acquisition is lower than your revenue per converted person, your campaign is generating a profit.

ROI calculates the return on investment for each of your traffic sources.

These metrics are available in your reports now and also appear in your project dashboard.

Recommendation: Enable AdWords Auto-Tagging

In 2018, Google will be rolling out a new feature to all AdWords advertisers called Parallel Tracking.

Parallel Tracking is a system that will speed up page load time for visitors clicking your ads by loading your landing page and your tracking link in parallel, instead of having your tracking link redirect to your landing page.

This new change is compatible with Improvely. You will not need to make any changes to your ads or settings.


To ensure you continue to track all landing page URLs for your AdWords ads, you should ensure Auto-Tagging is enabled in your AdWords account.

This feature tags both your tracking links and your landing page URLs with an extra parameter called “gclid” that is used by analytics tools like Improvely to track details about your AdWords ad clicks.

Click Fraud Monitoring Updates

We’re excited to announce two new features:

1. Fraud monitoring for direct links

When you create a tracking link with Improvely, we give you a “Short Link” that redirects through our link shortener, or a “Direct Link” to your landing page with campaign information added to the URL tags, that you can use with your ad.

Previously, only the “Short Link” could be monitored for click fraud. This sometimes meant you couldn’t monitor an ad if the publisher didn’t allow links with redirects, or your ad couldn’t display your own domain under it if you wanted fraud monitoring.

Now, both the “Short Link” and “Direct Link” can be monitored for click fraud. Thanks to advances in our fraud and bot detection, we can provide fraud monitoring for all clicks, even those that don’t get redirected through our servers.

If someone has already landed on your site through a Direct Link and we need to trigger your configured Fraud Alert Message, it will be shown as an overlay that pops up over top of the page content on your site.

2. Enable or disable fraud monitoring for individual links

While you can turn click fraud monitoring on and off for your entire project through your project’s settings page, you can also now turn it on and off for individual links. That lets you exclude links you don’t want monitored from generating click fraud alerts and warning messages.

Sometimes you want to create a tracking link for a non-paid campaign like an email newsletter or social media post and don’t care about click quality, and in those cases, you can now disable fraud monitoring for that specific link while keeping it enabled for your other paid links.

You’ll see a new “Monitor clicks on this link for click fraud” checkbox when creating or editing a tracking link to manage this setting.